Jamie Titus


“One cannot just glance at Titus’ art, but must actually look at and into it – experience it.  Once the viewer begins to engage the canvas, a complexly involving relationship develops between ‘it’ and ‘you’.” 
- James W. Tottis, Curator, Detroit Institute of the Arts

Jamie Titus believes that the artist, as the philosopher, must seek a unity of particulars, just as the 21st-century quantum physicist seeks a unified theory of “all”.  Employing the plastic language of paint to combine partial perceived truths of light, color and structure into a generalized reality, she creates a visual force that provides a dynamic interface between the creation and the observer/participant. Classical music is her primary source of inspiration, and the mathematics, logic and structure of music provides the starting point for her compositions.

Her visions, both deeply conceived and spontaneously developed, are conveyed by her technique - a sophisticated combination of oil paint and refined glazing.  Titus’ work is a product of innate talent married to intensive study of the old masters.  Early works echo the influence of Turner’s light, and later, a series of deep blue paintings explore contrasting darkness.  Titus’ most recent work systematically tests the boundaries of abstraction.  Her use of different hues is much like that of a composer’s use of notes, and to these hues she applies refined intensities, layering them and crossing over and under each subtle tone in complex and beautiful rhythms.  This work embraces a type of pure tonalism, as her extraordinary use of light and texture combine with a refined use of form to reveal the hidden inner construction.

Intrigued by ancient thought, philosophy of aesthetics and metaphysics, Titus obtained a degree in philosophy and political theory. The artist studied at the University of Pittsburgh, Columbia University and Yale University.  Additionally, she studied Chinese language, art and calligraphy in Beijing.

Titus has had solo exhibitions in New York, London and Chicago.  Her work can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.  She now works out of her studio in New York City and as artist-in-residence in Perpignan, France.

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